Sunday, September 30, 2007

SL Name

So I was reading a thread on the SL Forums about how people had come up with their SL names. Kinda interesting. Now I'm curious for responses from people read this - rather then just forum strangers. So! What is your SL name and why'd ya pick it? :)

My SL name? Nyte - because I really like night time. I'm a night person and I always will be I figure. Caligari - because it was sorta similar to the city name Calgary - a city that no matter where I am, I will always love.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Newb Toolkit!


Located in the back/centre of the shop - beside the swimwear.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Hello Nyte? You there?

I am! I haven't been in SL much lately. I've been feeling kinda bad - healthwise - but not to worry, I'm being watched closely by my doctor. It's to be expected when you have Lupus I guess. And... I've been kinda burnt out. With all the new things (build, SensiDress, etc) there's been not a lot of time to just design. I hope I get over this burn out soon, I feel unproductive.

Anyway, I think I've mentioned previously that I wanted to design something special for Lupus research? You know -- like the RFL but for Lupus Canada. So here's how I've decided to work that all out. In new releases from now on, I'm going to be making a purple version of outfits (where ever possible, you know *shrug* not every new thing will work in purple) - all proceeds from these will go to Lupus Canada. Why purple? Well purple is the color for Lupus. That way, in time, there will be a good amount of them = more money for Lupus. :)

The newb tool-kits are pretty much done, well the female one. I finished up the poster so it should be in the store soon! The female kit includes: skin, shapes, a few outfits, shoes, hair, how-to notecards written by the fab Emme Mannonen, AO by ANA_Mations, and some more goodies. The male version will be along shortly - just trying to get all the pieces together since I don't do some of the things needed (like mens skins). Big thank you to all those who've offered items and to Emme for all the help!

That's all for now!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Call for bigger shapes.

So - it's been brought to my attention that the updated SensiDress skirts will need to come in small and large. I'm considered a petite avatar in SL standards. So, I think we got that covered. However, I need some shapes bigger then me to base a larger fit on.

SO! If you've made you're own shape - and my prim skirts do NOT fit you - a copy of your shape would be SUPER helpful! :) Please, when you send the shape make it no modify/no transfer.

Thanks to all who can help!

Friday, September 07, 2007

ALL flexi skirts now w/ SensiDress


I just finished updating all the flexi skirts with the SensiDress script (aside from the outfit's I've done with Luminosity). You'll know the ones that have the script, because they're labeled with an "SD" at the end of the name of the vendor.

If you purchased any skirts that have now been updated between the dates of Sept 1st-Sept 6th... I will send you an update. Please understand this will take a significant amount of time - so please try to be patient with me.
Edited to add: I'm just going to be dropping the updated skirts. I know it may seem a bit rude to drop stuff on everyone without a warning... buttt it'll save me a lot of time and get the updates out to you guys faster. :)

If you purchased any skirts that have been updated BEFORE Sept 1st and you want the SensiDress upgrade you will need to "trade in" your original prim skirt for two copy/no transfer skirts - one SensiDress and one normal. Please make a folder and put the PRIM SKIRT only (I don't need anything else but the prim skirt) that you're wanting to trade in. Name the folder your entire SL name. Finally send this to me and I will send you the new copies.

Just to clarify: it's *only* flexi prim skirts that have this feature. Straight, non-flexi, mini-skirt prims do not use this.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Prim skirts - featuring SensiDress

Q: What is this?
A: Its a scripted skirt, to help solve some of the problems that prim skirts currently have. Such as when your avatar sits down the prim skirt stays straight down. Or when you walk, longer prim skirts "trail behind" you. The SensiDress solves these problems. It automatically adjusts itself depending on what your avatar is doing to sit correctly on your body. It covers sitting, standing, and walking but can be customized for any pose.

Q: How/where do I get the SensiDress upgrade?
A: Currently it's only in new skirts, "Raiment" and the "Grace" and "Blush" gowns. However, I'll be upgrading all the skirts over the next month.

Q: Do I still get a regular prim skirt with the skirts that have been upgraded?
A: Yes, you get a copy of the regular prim skirt and the SensiDress scripted skirt.

Q: How do I use it?
A: The skirts are identified by *S*. If the name of the skirt has *S* on the end, that's the SensiDress upgrade. Now you just have to wear it to make it work. Adjustments in fit might be needed. Keep in mind if you're on land that has disabled scripts, the dress will not work.

Q: How do I adjust it?
A: When wearing your skirt, click on it. It will give you a menu, select the "help" button to get a notecard with detailed instructions.

Q: Are all Nyte'N'Day prim skirts going to have this?
A: Yes! I will be updating skirts slowly to include the upgrade at no extra cost.

Q: I have a regular Nyte'N'Day prim skirt but I want the upgrade! Can I do that?
A: Yes! IM me with your request. Please keep in mind though, if you have a transferable skirt you will be required to "trade it in". In return you'll get two copy/no transfer skirts - a regular and a scripted one. If you have a copy/no transfer skirt please tell me the transaction details found at

Q: I purchased one of the dresses just before they were upgraded! Where's my skirt?
A: It's coming! :) I'm in the process of sending out packages to those who've purchased the skirts that are now upgraded. If you've purchased a skirt on or after Sept 1st 2007 look for a package soon. If it was bought before that please refer to the answer above. Please keep in mind the only upgraded skirts, right now, are: Nyte'N'Day - Grace, Nyte'N'Day - Raiment, Nyte'N'Day Blush.

YAY! :)

Edited to add: I didn't create this script. I'm not that talented. lol

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

No transfer explained... again

Since I announced I was going copy/no transfer and in turn did, I've gotten a few complaints about it. Let me just say, I could count the number on one hand... but if that amount IMed me, there must be more out there biting their tongues. So lemme take a minute or 10 to try to explain to those who are disappointed by the changes.

The SL asset server has become unreliable. People are losing inventory. This is a fact, not an opinion. Ask around, check out the official forums - the residents answers. Sometimes, transactions go stale. Meaning money is taken from you, but no product delivered. Sometimes even, you'll get what you buy then crash/log out, when you login - its gone.

Unfortunately I hear stories like this daily. It's simply not fair for you guys to have your stuff disappearing all over the place. It's not acceptable and not cool. On the other hand, it's not very fair to me either. I'm sure a high majority of people who contact me with these problems are being honest... but we all know there's not so honest people in SL. How many of these people are just taking another copy to give to their buddy?

Copy will not solve all of these problems but it will help tremendously. Even if a copy item disappeared replacement would be no problem at all. All I need to do is confirm your transaction. SL is not getting better in regards to stability its been on the decline since I first signed up (2005). Sad, but true. But trust me, lol, I would not have gone to the *insane* amount of work it was to change posters, perms, re-stuff posters, etc. if I did not think it was a necessary step.

There's other cool things about copy. Like offering new things on multiple layers (and I've even gone back and done the current outfits, when possible, on other layers). Mixing and matching - in an organized way. Seriously, guys... do this. Your inventory will explode with possibilities!

Anywho, I hope this clears up why I did what I did.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Details

Renovations on the store went overall well! :) The only real problem was when I was unlinking a bunch of posters... they all poofed. Just...poof. The posters ended up at the dreaded 0,0,0 coordinates of my sim. So! I had to re-do around 15 posters. At 7am that just wasn't cool. Ah well. 'Tis the life in SL.

I have to say... I adore the new landscaping/tree's! This may be kinda goofy but they're tree's that grow around here in RL. It makes it feel more home. I'm at total peace in the mountains. I can't explain it... its just "ahhhhhhh". Anywho, to bring a bit of that feeling into my SL surroundings is awesome. The majority of plants are from Heart Garden Centre - they do SUCH a great job.

Here's some of the newness - just a few photo's.

Skins! They come in three tones: light, tan, and dark all with the choice of black or brown eyebrows. 15 makeup choices in each tone from bare to cat eye! And one great thing - the shape seen in the photo's is included! Yay!

New clothes!

Rainment Skirts! These come in plaid (as shown), plain black & white, leopard, camo, and zebra.

Two sweaters in lots of colors too! The "Mortise" sweater is pictured.

Jean jackets (includes tank).

I love love love the mesh tank and bra to this. I've been wearing it for like 3 weeks. Woah! It looks great mixed with the rainment skirts too!

So what else? Well we still gotta do the event-esk thing! That'll be tomorrow sometime. There's also a few more things to come - stuff I just didn't have time to complete.

We (A friend, Emme and I) are making a newb tool-kit. Everything to rid yourself of the newb look - skin, hair, clothes, walk replacer, etc. All free. :) And I have to do little things around the store. Make a map/teleporter. Get employee pictures hanging in the shop. I'll think about it tomorrow. Time for some sleep I say!

Oh! I almost forgot - the discount section upstairs is much bigger. I really don't want to make the store any bigger anytime soon, it's fricken HUGE, so things will slowly be moved up to the discount section and eventually retired.

PS... Has anyone seen Skel A. Tor? lol!

Saturday, September 01, 2007


Woot! Newness! The store is back open and now I must sleep.


I'll blog some more about it all when I wake up!