Wednesday, September 05, 2007

No transfer explained... again

Since I announced I was going copy/no transfer and in turn did, I've gotten a few complaints about it. Let me just say, I could count the number on one hand... but if that amount IMed me, there must be more out there biting their tongues. So lemme take a minute or 10 to try to explain to those who are disappointed by the changes.

The SL asset server has become unreliable. People are losing inventory. This is a fact, not an opinion. Ask around, check out the official forums - the residents answers. Sometimes, transactions go stale. Meaning money is taken from you, but no product delivered. Sometimes even, you'll get what you buy then crash/log out, when you login - its gone.

Unfortunately I hear stories like this daily. It's simply not fair for you guys to have your stuff disappearing all over the place. It's not acceptable and not cool. On the other hand, it's not very fair to me either. I'm sure a high majority of people who contact me with these problems are being honest... but we all know there's not so honest people in SL. How many of these people are just taking another copy to give to their buddy?

Copy will not solve all of these problems but it will help tremendously. Even if a copy item disappeared replacement would be no problem at all. All I need to do is confirm your transaction. SL is not getting better in regards to stability its been on the decline since I first signed up (2005). Sad, but true. But trust me, lol, I would not have gone to the *insane* amount of work it was to change posters, perms, re-stuff posters, etc. if I did not think it was a necessary step.

There's other cool things about copy. Like offering new things on multiple layers (and I've even gone back and done the current outfits, when possible, on other layers). Mixing and matching - in an organized way. Seriously, guys... do this. Your inventory will explode with possibilities!

Anywho, I hope this clears up why I did what I did.


Delilah Karas - Style Schmyle said...

Hey Nyte, I understood perfectly why you did what you did so no worries here. :)

I do wish there was some third option, some way to say...transfer to your alt but nobody else or something. LOL. Personally, if it's a choice between transfer and copy I always choose copy. When I'm making an outfit, I prefer to be able to copy and save it to wear again - exactly as you said for mix and match purposes.

Arianna Psaltery said...

It's sad to not be able to pass on older outfits to newbies but I understand. I've experienced some of these glitches so multiple copies is great :)