Saturday, January 19, 2008

New PJs, Catsuits, and vests!

Here's the newest at Nyte'N'Day! :) Not in a very chatty mood, so I'll let the pics speak for themselves. BTW - the catsuit comes in white as well but is not pictured here.

Edited to add: If you've been booted from the group "Couture Isle Update Group" today - don't be offended. The group closed Jan 1st and is now being dissolved. I've sent two notices to that group today and at least 4 in the previous weeks warning of the closure and upcoming bootfest. I apologize if you've not gotten them and/or noticed. To continute getting word when Nyte'N'Day updates or has any news please join the group "Nyte'N'Day Updates". Thanks!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


The stores for Couture Isle have been chosen! Thank you to everyone who applied. I'm constantly amazed at the creativity in Second Life! You all are so talented! :)

So without further delay... the 4 people who have been chosen to occupy the shops!

Abraxxa Anatine - EarthStones
Abraxxa mostly does Jewelry but dabbles in a little bit of everything. When I was bouncing around the grid from shop to shop I bumped into Abraxxa at her shop. She's a very friendly girl and I think you guys will really enjoy her creations... they are quite spectacular!

Alice Demonia - Body Project
Alice has some really cool eyes annnnd they're very well done! Tons of em! What I liked about Alice is that she not only has natural looking eyes but she's got funky ones too.

Fae Spark - Neko Inustrial Works

Fae's got a little bit of everything! Belts, shoes, jewelry, prefabs, and more... an overall cool shop. I fell in love with the belts, personally! Gotta love a good belt!

Cherise Benavente - PoLished Hair
Cherise has some beautiful hair and her main store is really well done too! And who doesn't like hair shopping?? :P

So! Look for these shops soon across from Nyte'N'Day! I'm sure they'll be set up ASAP.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Free shops... applications in by Sat.


MONDAY EDIT: So I wanted to have announced the spots by now... buttttt my sister was in a car accident this morning. For those who know me... yep, AGAIN and nope, not her fault. Everything is ok with her healthwise, but I will need a few more hours today to play RL before I can play SL.

Just wanted to remind everyone to get their applications in for the free shops across from Nyte'N'Day on the Couture Isle sim. Please see this post for more info and how to apply. Applications are being accepted until Saturday the 12th, and winners will be announced and notified on Monday.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Creating clothes...

I get asked A LOT of questions in SL. Answering offline messages/notecards takes up significant time in my SL life… one of the questions I get asked most often, is the hardest to answer. “How do I make clothes?” I rarely answer this question well. It’s just such a broad question! So while the grid is down, here’s my fumbling attempt to answer it better. ☺


Adobe Photoshop: This is the program I use to create anything and everything graphics. I began playing around with PS when I was in my young teens. I STILL learn things about Photoshop today…10+ years later. It’s not the easiest program to learn, but it is an industry standard. Get to know Photoshop well and you’ll have a marketable skill in RL too. Bonus! ☺ However, it’s not cheap. Not even a little.

GIMP: The FREE answer to graphics. I’ve only dabbled with this program but I do know a few people who use it, well. I’ve never heard them say anything like “I wish GIMP did enterSomethingHere”. I’d suggest using this if you’re unsure about spending such a wad of cash on Photoshop. Better to see if you even enjoy making clothes at all first!


Ok now you’ve got the program(s), so now what? Grab some templates! These will show you where to draw your shirt, pants, etc. There are a few choices for templates out there:

Linden Lab provides your basic template. However, there are better ones out there. Chip Midnight makes great, higher resolution templates. I use the Chip templates. For greater template choices visit the official Second Life forums. TONS of excellent info there.

Creating the clothes:

Here the part I fail at. I suck hardcore at teaching, so, I’ll be providing links instead. If you know absolutely nothing about how to use your chosen graphics program I suggest Googling some basic use tutorials first or check out this link if you're using photoshop.

Natalia Zelmanov has a TON of tutorials on creating clothing and well, pretty much everything else you might want to make in SL. The tutorials are in depth and come with screenshots. I was just searching around for more links… but really this site covers EVERYTHING and has links that I’d recommend anyway.

So yea, there ya go…at least a starting point. Oh and just so you all know… I was constantly frustrated for the first few months of creating clothes until I got familiar with everything. SO many times I wanted to quit. All I can say in regards to this frustration about not just “getting it” and just “being able to do it”… is that it will pass if you practice. Every single time you go to create something new, it’ll get just a tiny bit easier and eventually it’ll be rarely frustrating and quite enjoyable! ☺

Oh yea, if any of you have found useful resources for starting out with clothes, please comment and share.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Couture Isle Shops!

Some of you may have noticed the little shops across from Nyte'N'Day... some of you have been asking how to put your stuff in there. Well here's the deal:

There are four available stores. I want to fill them up with avatar related accessory shops and help some folks out there get greater exposure! So what does that mean? Jewelry, hats, mittens (?), eyes, hair, etc. whatever it is that makes our avatars so darn pretty! :)

Ok there's one exception - I'm not looking to have "repeats"... so that the variety is the best it can be with so few stores available. We've already got shoes (E:D boutique) and clothing/skins (Nyte'N'Day). So everything else that is wearable and not sexually/racially/other badness explicit are encouraged to apply! Oh, did I mention the shops will be free? Woo! Also - prim allowance to be negotiated because I realize say... a hair vendor needs more prims then others.

How to apply:

1) Make a folder and name it "CI Shop Application - Your Name/Store Name"

Include in the folder the following things in the folder:
a) A landmark to your store.
b) Poster/vendor images (up to four) - the actual texture you use to make your vendors/posters.
c) Sample products of what you would be selling. THIS IS NOT ESSENTIAL but it does help if we can see the quality of your things first hand. ONLY send me samples if your 100% comfortable with this. I don't want anyone to have any hard feeling whatsoever if you've sent me something and do not get chosen.

3) Answer the following questions on a separate notecard. Include this in the folder.

What is your full avatar name?

What is the name of your store?

How long have you been in SL?

What do you make in SL?

Anything else you'd like us to know?

4) Send the folder to Nyte Caligari or Emme Mannonen no later then Sat, Jan. 12th, 2008.

Fine print: Scripted vendors are not allowed unless they are LOW lag. I frequently check "top scripts" and will return any scripted items that take too much script time. I (and any Couture Isle staff) reserve the right to return any vendors/posters we deem offensive in anyway.