Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Details

Renovations on the store went overall well! :) The only real problem was when I was unlinking a bunch of posters... they all poofed. Just...poof. The posters ended up at the dreaded 0,0,0 coordinates of my sim. So! I had to re-do around 15 posters. At 7am that just wasn't cool. Ah well. 'Tis the life in SL.

I have to say... I adore the new landscaping/tree's! This may be kinda goofy but they're tree's that grow around here in RL. It makes it feel more home. I'm at total peace in the mountains. I can't explain it... its just "ahhhhhhh". Anywho, to bring a bit of that feeling into my SL surroundings is awesome. The majority of plants are from Heart Garden Centre - they do SUCH a great job.

Here's some of the newness - just a few photo's.

Skins! They come in three tones: light, tan, and dark all with the choice of black or brown eyebrows. 15 makeup choices in each tone from bare to cat eye! And one great thing - the shape seen in the photo's is included! Yay!

New clothes!

Rainment Skirts! These come in plaid (as shown), plain black & white, leopard, camo, and zebra.

Two sweaters in lots of colors too! The "Mortise" sweater is pictured.

Jean jackets (includes tank).

I love love love the mesh tank and bra to this. I've been wearing it for like 3 weeks. Woah! It looks great mixed with the rainment skirts too!

So what else? Well we still gotta do the event-esk thing! That'll be tomorrow sometime. There's also a few more things to come - stuff I just didn't have time to complete.

We (A friend, Emme and I) are making a newb tool-kit. Everything to rid yourself of the newb look - skin, hair, clothes, walk replacer, etc. All free. :) And I have to do little things around the store. Make a map/teleporter. Get employee pictures hanging in the shop. I'll think about it tomorrow. Time for some sleep I say!

Oh! I almost forgot - the discount section upstairs is much bigger. I really don't want to make the store any bigger anytime soon, it's fricken HUGE, so things will slowly be moved up to the discount section and eventually retired.

PS... Has anyone seen Skel A. Tor? lol!


Anonymous said...

You did an amazing job, the store looks beautiful and the new releases are amazing! *hugs*


caLLie cLine said...

congrats on all your hard work, persistence and great new place!!!

i'm very happy for you!!! you were one of the first places i shopped, i just didn't remember!


caLLie cLine

Kitty O'Toole said...

The store looks brilliant, I cannot wait to finish work so I can go home, log in-world and visit! I love the new releases as well, in fact the first thing I'll be buting is the black mesh dress. It looks superb!! oh, and a few skirts as well..and a few jumpers..erm, darn it. I'll have one of everything please! Good luck!

Kitty =^..^=

Delilah Karas - Style Schmyle said...

Heya Nyte, thought I'd leave a comment here too. I loved the new spacious build - leaves more room for more of your great clothes and could not resist snapping up those jean jackets as well as other things. They were well worth it!And of course, I had to have those Seraphic dresses as mentioned on Aradia's blog. :)

Wanted to wish you well in your new build and say thank you once again for both your great designs and excellent prices. As for the newbie kit, if it will copy and transferable, I would love a set as I keep a little folder of *good* newbie stuff to give out!

Nyte said...


Thank you all :)

Arianna Psaltery said...

The Mortise sweaters are my favorite. I love the cut of the fabric :)

Therese Carfagno said...

I agree with Arianna: The Mortise looks great. It's first on my to do-list when I go in-world ...