Tuesday, July 31, 2007

RFL Grand Total!

Wow! You guys are awesome! In total we raised $128,002L for the Relay For Life! Thank you all for purchasing my RFL outfit and your generous donations!


Update on work in progress: It's all coming along nicely. The new store looks awesome! I can't WAIT till you all can check it out!!! It's like Nyte'N'Day 2.0. Wow, that kinda was geeky. lol.

I've got some surprises in store, for the grand opening weekend (Sept 1st) but I'm not telling yet! hehe :P

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cheaper Skins! :)

K! So I decided to reduce the price of my skins by 50%! This is in preparation for the new skins replacing them in September.


*does a little happy dance and sings "can't wait for September!"*

Monday, July 16, 2007

Decision time!

So I've decided what to do with my shop and the things in it.

I put big posters, about a week ago, around the store that look something like this:

So there ya have it on Sept 1st Nyte'N'Day is going copy/modify/no transfer. The reasons are in the previous blog post.

I also have lots of other news as well!

- re-doing my skins

I think I've mentioned this briefly in other posts. I'm getting a little tired of the cartoony appearance of them... so will be working a lot on fixing that. And I've gotten lots of good feedback on the current skins that I'm keeping in mind as I go along. I'm looking forward to doing the makeup and will be including more natural makeups (natural was a fairly common request). I've been playing with the skins for about a month now, but since I've put the deadline of Sept 1st on all this stuff will have to be a tad bit more dedicated to them.

- re-build of the store

The rebuild is coming along nicely. I think I'm pretty much done with the actual build and now am moving towards posters. Some have to be re-done but most of the time is spent changing permissions of my items within my inventory. I'm keeping the layout pretty much the same, so regulars don't have to re-learn where everything is.

- versatility

As mentioned on the transfer change "warning" poster most of Nyte'N'Day outfits are becoming more versatile. The texture picker in SL was borked for so long but it is now fixed! Wohoo!! I'm taking the time to put as many outfits as the texture picker will let me on different layers. So for example a shirt will come on the shirt layer and jacket layer.

On that note...if you have transferable clothes that you would like to switch for copy/mod ones please IM me in game.

- gift cards/fashion cards

As I'm stuffing the new posters...I'm also setting them up to accept Nyte'N'Day Gift Cards. You might have seen the system in use before in shops such as Blaze or Pixel Dolls. If you haven't seen automated gift cards before it's quite simple to use. You "wear" the card like you do any other prim object. To use the credit on the card you RIGHT click on the vendor/poster and select "Gift" from the pie menu. Cards will be available in these amounts: 250L, 500L, 1000L, 3000L.

- new clothes

Since my time is being dedicated to all these new things, I've also decided to hold off on releasing new clothes until Sept 1st as well. I know it's a drag to have to wait so long... but with all the newness it'll be worth it! :)

- bigger discount area

I'll be putting more clothing into the discount area (it'll still be upstairs) and also my current skins will be moved up there. They'll be permanently reduced in price but only sold in single packs to save on room (and prims!). Soooo if you were saving up to buy some skins, my suggestion would be wait 'til Sept 1st because not only will there be newer better skins, but the ones sold now will be much cheaper.

And that's all! :)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Ok, I admit it... I'm going through a rather large case of SL ADD. I'm working on a million things but not really getting anything done. And this post is really random and totally unorganized... sorry about that.

Working on:

- Few outfits to release but haven't taken pictures -- because I might wait...

- Working on and off on a new version of my skins -- as a side: they're looking really good so far. I've yet to do any makeup, but I'm liking the body so much better. Still TONS of work to do on em, so not even gonna try to put on approx. date of release on em yet.

- Been working on and off on a new store -- so much to say about this one...read on! :)

First: I still really love the current store. At the same time I'm anxious for a change. The new store build is difficult because I kinda have to "live up" to the current one. That pressure is kinda messy with the whole creative process.

Second: I think deleting the current store is the only way to go. Am I willing to just poof it? Linking it all/selecting it all and taking it into inventory would be a major pain. Is there even any point to keeping it? I mean, I really doubt once I got rid of it that I would ever use it again. Then again, I do really love it and it would be a shame just to delete it.

Third: I've been tossing around the idea of changing permissions on all my things to copy/mod/NO transfer. I really don't know how, you guys, the customers would feel about this. I've read a bunch of forum posts, on all sorts of forums. It seems split totally down the center of who prefers what perms. The survey I did a few months ago was pretty well split down the middle too. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.

There's a few good points and bad points of copy/mod/no transfer -- Issues with missing inventory wouldn't matter anymore! Had an outfit you bought two months or two minutes ago...if it poofs from that inventory of yours it'll be replaced.

Mixing and matching (woot!) and more robust options -- Since things would be copy I could do future outfits with more options. For example a new bathing suit could now be offered on ALL clothing layers OR a shirt could come with a few different sleeve length options. The reason they lack these "perks" right now is because of the Transfer option. Plus Mixing and Matching! Need I say more about that? So many of my outfits mixed up look awesome!

So there's the obvious good points of no transfer items. Here's the bad things: no more recycling of clothes. You're stuck with the outfit. You wont be able to give items to that cute newb or your friend.

Buying gifts for other people wouldn't be done the same way anymore. If I were to go no transfer I would employ an automatic gift card system. One that works instantly -- no waiting for me to fill your gift card order. So I suppose this is good and bad. I don't currently have gift cards but all my stuff is trans.

So then I got to thinking... perhaps I'd offer BOTH permission's. For example have the poster - then under it two littler posters with both options copy/mod/no transfer and no copy/mod/transfer. Thing about that is then suddenly every outfit takes three prims instead of one. So really not sure how feasible this is at all.

Last thing about the store: I'd like to have my new skins ready at the same time as the new store. It'll just be easier to incorporate the new skin posters into the new build. Then I should probably wait on releasing all new goodies too.

Ok, almost time to stop blabbering. I have to decide what to do about the new store vs. old store. Then I have to decide what to do about the permission's thing. Then I can get over my SL ADD and get stuff done!

So I dunno what to do!