Monday, April 30, 2007

More Capri's!

I just put 4 new outfits out at Nyte'N'Day and they come with a cute matching necklace and bracelet! The outfits come in red, sky, grey, and olive. Hope you like!

I also put a color change necklace/bracelet out as a separate.

Yay! Hope you all like it!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Skirts, Capri's, Pant Sets!

Hi Everyone :) Hope your weekend is going great (or is about to be going great if you're still at work). Here's the newest out at Nyte'N'Day on Couture Isle.

"Fuse" comes with the shirt, undershorts/booty shorts/ flexi prim skirt and is avaliable in red, black, green, blue, magenta.

Brill comes with a jacket, halter and slacks. Also avaliable in plum.

Rapt comes with wrap halter, flexi prim knot, denim capris. It also comes in blackish/purple.

I will be away this weekend, so if you've IMed me and haven't heard... I will get back to you on Sunday. :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Luminosity & Nyte'N'Day..

I put these up yesterday... but I'm sick so kinda draggin' myself to do things. Anyway! Sol and I teamed up again to do a business suit with tons of options! I guess you could call it the "essential pieces" to business wear. The sets come with: a plain blazer, 7 blazers with shirt collars, 2 stockings (white, black), slacks, prim skirt, undershorts. Please note these are no transfer. The business suit comes in lavender and black as well. :)

Friday, April 06, 2007

Curious and relay for life donation kiosk...

I just put out a Relay For Life donation box out (more info) at the front door of Nyte'N'Day. Please donate anything you can, even $1L's add up! Donations help fund research and programs for the American Cancer Society.

Any other designers/business owners read this?

Just curious... how many advertising/show/rental space/model applications/etc related things do you get dropped on you per day? Or on the flipside, how many are YOU dropping on people a day?

I get at LEAST 4-5 a day. I admit it, I just glance at them unless they specifically grab my attention. It's nicer when the people ask me if they can send something. It's a bit aggravating when your in appearance mode putting together an outfit and something is suddenly dropped on you. This is a new thing but it pops you out of appearance mode reverting your outfit to the default or whatever it was before.

Anyway! I commend these people for their efforts (but still get a tad bit irked when things are dropped on me). Because really... when you're starting a business that wont have a strong physical presence in world (build, traffic, etc) because of the nature of it how else do you really draw attention? Well you could network but how do you even get close to the people you're targeting? I don't know about other designers, because I really just sit in my studio or somewhere on my Island and design/answer IMs... that's basically 99% of my time online.

At the same time though it's annoying to be on the receiving end of all this. Notecards, textures, landmarks, all sorts of stuff is dropped on me all day.

So what's the solution? How do business' get their word out to their target market without disruption? But they key here is how do they get their word out to the market who is even receptive to it? Which leads to another question! How does the business even know who is receptive?

Figure that out and you'll make a whole lotta moola! haha! :) This could lead to an interesting discussion.

Enough blabbing! :)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Lots New! WOO!

Here's the newest stuff out at Nyte'N'Day on Couture Isle. Hope you all like!

Coverlet is available in pink, sand, black and white. This combo outfit comes with: flexi prim skirt, top, pants, flexi prim knots, undershorts, halter top.

Surge swimsuit is available in pink/brown, black/white, blues, pinks, olive/peach, plum/white. It comes with: bikini top, flexi prim knots, thong, booty short bottoms.

This jacket is so CUTE! :) Comes in pink, white, black, peach, sand and blue.

This top (worn on jacket layer) is avaliable in: red, blue, black, and chocolate.

Last but not least another swimsuit. Efinite comes with: boy shorts, thong, top, flexi prim knots.