Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

Hi!! Nyte'N'Day is all decorated up and avatars are bobbin' away for prizes! Woo!

I put 3 "Bobbing For Apples" games at Nyte'N'Day filled with rotten apples and halloween goodies! 6 tee-shirts, one full outfit, and yucky apples! Come try your luck! They will be out until laaaate tonight sometime.

Keep in mind, each bobber only lets you try once every 3 minutes.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Dresses!

Just put a buncha new dresses out at Nyte'N'Day! :) Each dress comes with flexi prim skirts (SensiDress and in two sizes), top, halter, and glitch pants. Available in 8 colors including two Lupus Editions!

Hope you like!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Nyte'N'Day Hiring!

Hi Everyone :)

Nyte'N'Day is looking for a few dedicated Customer Service Reps. The job entails: greeting customers, helping them find things, assistance with prim attachments, live-modeling Nyte'N'Day clothing and skins, etc.

If this sounds like something you would enjoy please fill out the application (below) onto a notecard named "Nyte'N'Day CSR Application [Your Name]"and send it to Emme Mannonen.

Thank you to all that apply! :D

Nyte'N'Day Customer Service Rep Application:
Rezz Day:
RL Location:

How familiar are you with Nyte'N'Day?

Why do you want to work at Nyte'N'Day?

What type of salary would you expect?

How many hours a day are you in SL?

Do you speak any languages besides English fluently?:

Do you have any other jobs or any other customer service experience in SL?

Any other skills you'd like us to know about?

What groups are you a member of?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Halloween Hootch. Kinda. Maybe?

Since I'm starving... I'm just copying the group notice I sent out. Enjoy!

Hey Guys :) Just put two new outfits/costumes out at Nyte'N'Day. Not sure what to call em... Hootchy Halloween Sorta Costume Outfits!! lol

Hopefully before Halloween is over, I'll be able to get a few more out. If anyone has suggestions for costumes - please let me know!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I really released these yesterday but for some reason I didn't blog it.

This capri outfit comes with a shirt on both jacket and shirt layers, sculpted prim cuffs in small and large and the capri's. Available in red, black, tan and purple. Remember the sales from the purple version go to Lupus Canada.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Group Freebie - PJs!

:D Happy Thanksgiving for those who celebrate today!

Friday, October 05, 2007


Hey Everyone :)

Just put some newness out at Nyte'N'Day! Come check it out! Two business-ish pant sets with sculptie pant legs. Woo! And 5 new skirts (one of which is special, more info below). These all come with 2 sizes and lengths of prim skirts and, of course, have the SensiDress script.

You may notice one of the dress posters are a bit different then the rest:

So here's some more info about that:

Basically - all profits from purple outfits created from now on will go to Lupus Canada. Why? Because I have Lupus. Because someone you know has Lupus. Not many people have heard of it. The treatments are outdated and in some cases side effects are almost as bad as the Lupus itself. In my case Lupus has effected my joints, my kidney's and my brain - and I'm pretty sure I have a mild version of Lupus.

For more information on Lupus: Lupus Canada, Lupus info @ Arthritis Canada, My Medical Woes (my personal site - pretty much only ever talks about my battle with Lupus).

Hope you all like!