Monday, March 05, 2007

Still alive...

Not sure if anyone has noticed that reads this blog (haha not many do) have noticed my lack of response to offlines and emails... I didn't have time to blog that I was/am moving across the country. Well... I decided to take a break from house stuff and SL wont let me in! So if you sent me a message or needed customer service if I don't get back to you within 36 hours please don't hesitiate to re-contact me.

As for the move. It went suprisingly well! Only a few things broke, a vanity type thing for my most beautiful bedroom furniture piece that was a splurg and I loved. Oh well. 3 bowls also broke, but no biggie really.

The drive from Ontario to Alberta was interesting to say the least! We (my dad and I) drove through most of Ontario with ease, it was sunny, nice scenery. Ontario is ALOT more beautiful then I ever realized. When you get to more remote parts of it... it looks like BC (rocky mountain area) but without the actual mountains!

As we started to get closer to the Ontario/Manitoba border it started to lightly snow...nothing to worry about for me. Started to snow harder. Still not that bad, only thing that sucked is when the road got passing lanes because then you couldn't see the definate "tracks" in the snow and also big trucks passing us, which stirred up snow making it hard to see where I was going. It started to snow harder. We switched drivers because really in a snowstorm who do you want driving? Someone who's done it like 3 times or someone that has most of their driving life? We start to see snowplows, so it's not so bad still. Manitoba border, snowing harder. We do a little "wohoo" when we realize we're out of Ontario because for one reason or another each of my immediate family has a "bitter taste in their mouth" about that place. You would think that there would be a sign saying the border was there, or welcome to Manitoba...something, but there was no markings. It's snowing even harder now but the highway divides. Another "wohoo"! Then we see a big rig truck in the ditch. Uh oh, that's something you really don't see often. Dad feels the car going side to side. Crazy fuckers are passing us. Weird scene. Thankfully we kept the car on the road. By the time we got anywhere near civilization where we could stop for the night the visibility was almost nothing and we saw a dozen or so cars in the ditch.

The rest of the trip was pretty much just driving and stopping for food or to sleep. Now that I'm here in the new house I still have unpacking and tons to I will still be offline a little more then usual but slowly coming back to SL! :)