Friday, September 21, 2007

Hello Nyte? You there?

I am! I haven't been in SL much lately. I've been feeling kinda bad - healthwise - but not to worry, I'm being watched closely by my doctor. It's to be expected when you have Lupus I guess. And... I've been kinda burnt out. With all the new things (build, SensiDress, etc) there's been not a lot of time to just design. I hope I get over this burn out soon, I feel unproductive.

Anyway, I think I've mentioned previously that I wanted to design something special for Lupus research? You know -- like the RFL but for Lupus Canada. So here's how I've decided to work that all out. In new releases from now on, I'm going to be making a purple version of outfits (where ever possible, you know *shrug* not every new thing will work in purple) - all proceeds from these will go to Lupus Canada. Why purple? Well purple is the color for Lupus. That way, in time, there will be a good amount of them = more money for Lupus. :)

The newb tool-kits are pretty much done, well the female one. I finished up the poster so it should be in the store soon! The female kit includes: skin, shapes, a few outfits, shoes, hair, how-to notecards written by the fab Emme Mannonen, AO by ANA_Mations, and some more goodies. The male version will be along shortly - just trying to get all the pieces together since I don't do some of the things needed (like mens skins). Big thank you to all those who've offered items and to Emme for all the help!

That's all for now!


Tigerlily Koi said...

Burn out sucks. I'm totally in the depths of it. I keep hoping once we get through all this retexturing that it'll get better.

Hang in there, and take it easy. I think the Lupus items are a great idea. Maybe you can organize a group of designers to do something with you like we all did for RFL. Every little bit helps.

Takeshi Kiama said...

Oh please take care Nyte =^.^=

Eria Ziemia said...

Oh no, take care and don't burn out. Will still be here, even if you take a little break now and then. I like your idea about helping Lupus Research and don't forget to tell people that purple is very fashionable ;)