Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Back and blog moved

Hi Everyone :)

I'm back from out of town! I think I've responded to all customer inquiries but if I've missed you please contact me. Thanks for your patience!

Also, another thing to mention, my official blog has moved to: I was waiting for the fashion planet feed to pick up the new address before announcing it, but since its been a few weeks now... I figure I'll go ahead and announce it.

I'll continue to post "teaser" ads of new products on this site until the feed picks up the new URL, however you'll always be directed to the new site so please update your links!


Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I will have very limited access to SL (and the internet in general) from May 27th until June 3rd. Please keep in mind during this time your IM’s/notecards will be severely delayed in response time.

When I get back I’ll make sure all of you who’ve contacted me are taken care of. :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Other island news!

Introducing Nyte'N'Day - The Other Side! So ya know the island attached to the Nyte N Day sim? Its been converted into a big "playground" of sorts. WOOT! Lemme show you some pics then I'll explain... pics are more fun then words anyway!

The island was created with entertainment in mind. Basically, I wanted a place in SL I could play with cool stuff and I wanted to give SL a place to play. (Not in that way you dirty birds!).

So! The Other Side features: Go-Karts, mini-golf, a scenic train ride, real playable arcade games with earn-able ticket redeemable for prizes, jet-skis, surfing, hang gliding, fireworks, and more! Just an overall neat place to kill a minute or 20. :D

Come check it out!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

New @ Nyte'N'Day

Hi! New stuff! :) YAY!

(ps: thank you to Emme and Phoe for all the help recently with posters!)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Renovations and newness!

Ok, I'm going back to sleep... but had to blog the newness before I do! :)

First! Nyte'N'Day is looking a little bit nicer these days! We closed down for a few hours last night for reno's. It looks SO much better! Yay!

And onto the newness...

The capri outfit also comes in blue and yellow but isn't pictured.

Also! Wanted to say a huge thanks to Emme Mannonen for all the help. If you check out the new store, you'll notice big posters all over the place. Our one and only fab Emme did all of them!