Friday, September 07, 2007

ALL flexi skirts now w/ SensiDress


I just finished updating all the flexi skirts with the SensiDress script (aside from the outfit's I've done with Luminosity). You'll know the ones that have the script, because they're labeled with an "SD" at the end of the name of the vendor.

If you purchased any skirts that have now been updated between the dates of Sept 1st-Sept 6th... I will send you an update. Please understand this will take a significant amount of time - so please try to be patient with me.
Edited to add: I'm just going to be dropping the updated skirts. I know it may seem a bit rude to drop stuff on everyone without a warning... buttt it'll save me a lot of time and get the updates out to you guys faster. :)

If you purchased any skirts that have been updated BEFORE Sept 1st and you want the SensiDress upgrade you will need to "trade in" your original prim skirt for two copy/no transfer skirts - one SensiDress and one normal. Please make a folder and put the PRIM SKIRT only (I don't need anything else but the prim skirt) that you're wanting to trade in. Name the folder your entire SL name. Finally send this to me and I will send you the new copies.

Just to clarify: it's *only* flexi prim skirts that have this feature. Straight, non-flexi, mini-skirt prims do not use this.

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