Friday, January 04, 2008

Couture Isle Shops!

Some of you may have noticed the little shops across from Nyte'N'Day... some of you have been asking how to put your stuff in there. Well here's the deal:

There are four available stores. I want to fill them up with avatar related accessory shops and help some folks out there get greater exposure! So what does that mean? Jewelry, hats, mittens (?), eyes, hair, etc. whatever it is that makes our avatars so darn pretty! :)

Ok there's one exception - I'm not looking to have "repeats"... so that the variety is the best it can be with so few stores available. We've already got shoes (E:D boutique) and clothing/skins (Nyte'N'Day). So everything else that is wearable and not sexually/racially/other badness explicit are encouraged to apply! Oh, did I mention the shops will be free? Woo! Also - prim allowance to be negotiated because I realize say... a hair vendor needs more prims then others.

How to apply:

1) Make a folder and name it "CI Shop Application - Your Name/Store Name"

Include in the folder the following things in the folder:
a) A landmark to your store.
b) Poster/vendor images (up to four) - the actual texture you use to make your vendors/posters.
c) Sample products of what you would be selling. THIS IS NOT ESSENTIAL but it does help if we can see the quality of your things first hand. ONLY send me samples if your 100% comfortable with this. I don't want anyone to have any hard feeling whatsoever if you've sent me something and do not get chosen.

3) Answer the following questions on a separate notecard. Include this in the folder.

What is your full avatar name?

What is the name of your store?

How long have you been in SL?

What do you make in SL?

Anything else you'd like us to know?

4) Send the folder to Nyte Caligari or Emme Mannonen no later then Sat, Jan. 12th, 2008.

Fine print: Scripted vendors are not allowed unless they are LOW lag. I frequently check "top scripts" and will return any scripted items that take too much script time. I (and any Couture Isle staff) reserve the right to return any vendors/posters we deem offensive in anyway.

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Lizbeth Saenz said...

Woot, you're absolutely awesome Nyte! Great opportunity for the new up and coming. :)