Tuesday, January 15, 2008


The stores for Couture Isle have been chosen! Thank you to everyone who applied. I'm constantly amazed at the creativity in Second Life! You all are so talented! :)

So without further delay... the 4 people who have been chosen to occupy the shops!

Abraxxa Anatine - EarthStones
Abraxxa mostly does Jewelry but dabbles in a little bit of everything. When I was bouncing around the grid from shop to shop I bumped into Abraxxa at her shop. She's a very friendly girl and I think you guys will really enjoy her creations... they are quite spectacular!

Alice Demonia - Body Project
Alice has some really cool eyes annnnd they're very well done! Tons of em! What I liked about Alice is that she not only has natural looking eyes but she's got funky ones too.

Fae Spark - Neko Inustrial Works

Fae's got a little bit of everything! Belts, shoes, jewelry, prefabs, and more... an overall cool shop. I fell in love with the belts, personally! Gotta love a good belt!

Cherise Benavente - PoLished Hair
Cherise has some beautiful hair and her main store is really well done too! And who doesn't like hair shopping?? :P

So! Look for these shops soon across from Nyte'N'Day! I'm sure they'll be set up ASAP.

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