Saturday, December 08, 2007

New clothes, new store, new sim!

Ok! Lots to talk about...

There's a bunch of new stuff out at Nyte'N'Day! Three separate sweaters in tons of colors, 4 longer skirts, and cargo's. And not 100% new, but a little bit, sculpted pant legs for jeans! YAYYY! SO many people have asked for these. I admit, I put it off because the texture work was tedious. The good news is, I'm also selling the pant legs separately from the jeans for those that already own jeans. You might have to take the flare of your original jeans in from appearance mode however.

New store! New sim called "Nyte N Day"! Teleporting to the old store will land you right outside the new, so don't worry! :) I know the shop is a nice little lag machine. My hopes are that with a bigger store and faster sim some of these problems will be eased. The new store takes less then half the prims! Woot!

What else? Hm. Oh! I put the holiday skins out again for $1L. They come in a bunch of skin tones and have two festive makeups!

That's it for now I think!


Sirana Bing said...

Love the freebie skin! : )

Hazel Kyrgyz said...

I have to agree - you rock for providing the skin!