Friday, December 21, 2007

Bit of a rant...

Is it just me... or do people seem extra uptight lately? Just in the last week or so. I mean, people just bitching because they can, or being rude where it's just totally not necessary, impatient...etc. Now don't take my words wrong, the vast majority of you are great to deal with! :) However, the crankypants seem to REALLY be coming out lately. Even some of the customer service reps *waves at you guys* have been noticing a spike in general spazzyness. If we're experiencing this - others must be!

So here's my official public notice to the angries:

Be nice to us designers. We're not evil. We never have set out to "get you". We don't purposely do things to make you mad. Quite the opposite in fact! I always try to keep the consumer in mind. Always. I think the majority of larger SL retailers do. Things we do or don't do, generally are chosen by what we THINK will make the majority happiest as possible. Anyway I kinda went off on a tangent there. The bottom line is: when you're dealing with people please just try to be respectful. It's a stressful time of year, so while I understand being grouchy, it's just really not needed.

THAT being said. Lemme address something:

I know no transfer sucks in gift giving times! Really, I KNOW...I've heard, LOTS! lol. However, I've tried to make it as easy as possible, within SL's limits, to still give gifts. There are gift card vendors located through-out my in world shop. Gift cards are transferable.

However if you'd like specific items sent to an avatar, you can shop through SLX or On Rez. The majority of the older items on those sites are still transferable. Oh, and they come in pretty gift bags!

So those are the options for gifts. No, I will not budge on the permissions of my items. Those that still insist on asking - you will get the same spiel. :) For the reason's why Nyte'N'Day is no transfer please refer to this blog post.

Ok I'm done! Whew.



truth said...

yes!! I agree... i have not had as many grasping,rude people EVER!! actually made me re think freebies when I was getting really rude people demanding a gift etc...and when a transaction doesn't work out OMG!! It seems like you killed their pet!
I am with you, we are not evil and a lot of SL's problems... WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR!!! lol YAY I am glad you vented Nyte cause I thought it was just me :)

love truth

SySy Chapman said...

Hi Nyte, i agree too! As a fairly small/new but growing designer i start to experience this more and more too..makes me wanna go GRRRRRRRR sometimes!!!! Good that you vented cause i'm sure you represent the thoughts from alot of us! LOL

Now breathe with me
*breathe in.... breathe out...*
LOL ;)

Nyte said...

Haha. Normally I wouldn't vent but the amount of grouchy has just been getting ridiculous lately. My only guess as to why, is that people are stressin' out over the holidays. I suspect it'll end pretty soon (HOPEFULLY).

@Truth - YES!! I've rethought my freebies too. One girl IMed not one but two of my employee's ranting about "$1L is not a freebie". I just couldn't get over the fact that she was complaining about one of my two freebie packs (one has EIGHT holiday skins, and the other has skins, outfits, shapes, ao, shoes, etc.).

@ SySy - Grrrr's right along with ya. :)~

Sirahal said...

Forget SL - the grouchiness is EVERYWHERE!!!! Or maybe I just get to see it because I work as an elf in a Santa photo booth and get to deal with the cranky parents we turn away when the line up is closed....

Anyhoo, I feel your pain. Or, well, in a way - mentioned above. I always feel sooo bad complaining to people, and try to do it nicely (certainly hope this is how it came across the one time I *did* contact you in game with an issue!)

I just dont' get why some people don't understand things. Sometimes steps are necessary, and we can't always get our way. Deal.

Nyte said...

@Sirahal - Oh man, I couldn't imagine trying to tell parents your closed. EEE!

But yea, most people are great to deal with! On a sorta related but not note: Wow! I'm SO glad I'm not new in "today's SL"... there's so many tips/tricks I've learned over the years for fixing various issues. Not knowing them would make SL so much harder.