Tuesday, July 31, 2007

RFL Grand Total!

Wow! You guys are awesome! In total we raised $128,002L for the Relay For Life! Thank you all for purchasing my RFL outfit and your generous donations!


Update on work in progress: It's all coming along nicely. The new store looks awesome! I can't WAIT till you all can check it out!!! It's like Nyte'N'Day 2.0. Wow, that kinda was geeky. lol.

I've got some surprises in store, for the grand opening weekend (Sept 1st) but I'm not telling yet! hehe :P


sean said...

please email me (me@seanpercival.com)

im writing a book on SL and featuring your store

tried to contact you in world but im sure its easy to lose track of the IM's.


Anonymous said...

OMG, I'm soo excited! Is it September yet? How bout now...now...now??