Sunday, May 11, 2008

Other island news!

Introducing Nyte'N'Day - The Other Side! So ya know the island attached to the Nyte N Day sim? Its been converted into a big "playground" of sorts. WOOT! Lemme show you some pics then I'll explain... pics are more fun then words anyway!

The island was created with entertainment in mind. Basically, I wanted a place in SL I could play with cool stuff and I wanted to give SL a place to play. (Not in that way you dirty birds!).

So! The Other Side features: Go-Karts, mini-golf, a scenic train ride, real playable arcade games with earn-able ticket redeemable for prizes, jet-skis, surfing, hang gliding, fireworks, and more! Just an overall neat place to kill a minute or 20. :D

Come check it out!

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