Saturday, February 09, 2008

New @ Nyte'N'Day

Hey Everyone! Got some new stuff out at Nyte'N'Day! I suppose this release is more geared to what people have been asking for...

The asian skins are back, revamped and have tintable lips! Woo! Available in 5 tones.

Also - a few things for men... oooo. There's also cargo's but aren't shown here because blogspot doesn't want to let me upload more then 5 pictures.

And! Two new sets of jacket layer belts - I know a few of you came into the store looking for the old ones I retired, so, yay! They'll be more belt sets coming. I didn't really think they'd be missed! :)

And... last but not least some cute but subtly sexy lingerie with optional flexi prim ruffle.

Hope you all like! :) Pics below.

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