Monday, February 25, 2008

More new @ Nyte'N'Day!

Hi Everyone! :) Hope you all had a lovely weekend! I just put some new stuff out at Nyte'N'Day.

First! A retro-ish kinda mini-dress. In, whew this is a mouthful, 3 different patterns and those patterns come in two different colors. Funny story behind this thing - I found the top in my inventory but with a different pattern. I really don't recall making this... so I went searching for more. Nothing else good. Too bad!! :P Anywho with a little reworking it came to be this. Well actually this but without the tights ...that was a suggestion from Emme, the manager at Nyte'N'Day. Enough babble its just cute, colorful and fun!

Then we have this funky wrap outfit available in pink, lime, white, yellow, sand.

And last! This sexy little thang!


Next morning edit: It looks like the Genuflect Pink vendor didn't have the complete outfit in it. It's fixed now, so no worries. BUT! If you've purchased it and I haven't already sent a replacement - please IM me and let me know. I tried to get everyone that bought it last night but I might have missed someone. :)

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