Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

WOOT! It just officially turned Christmas here! :) Merry Christmas everyone! Hope it's a good one!

Ooooh! Before I go, gotta tell this story!

So here I am, self-banished to a room wrapping presents and I hear sirens. Whatever time passes, still wrapping (doing a lousy job too), still hear the sirens. I think "Wow what an asshole...whoever that is they're chasing. It's Christmas!". 5 mins later STILL sirens.

Ok. Time to investigate. So me, sister, sisters boy go outside to check what's happenin. JUST in time to see a firetruck...decorated with Christmas lights ALL over it, BLASTING Christmas music. Santa and Ms. Claus were on the top, spotlight on em, waving to everyone! Then, after that, cop car with all his lights & siren on! Then cop van, all his lights on, siren!

It was really neat! I'm sure all the kids in my town thought it was the THE coolest thing they'd ever seen.

It was a nice thing the cops/firefighters/ambulance people did. It made us all smile. It's heartwarming that a group that already does *so* much for society as a whole did this too.


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Tuli Asturias said...

Aww that's awesome!
Merry Christmas =)