Wednesday, November 21, 2007


First: Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate it today!

Second: I'm still here! I know I haven't released in awhile. Reasons? I'm re-building the shop...again! While I LOVE the build you see now there's a few problems with it I'd like the fix. And, of course, the issue of space is always a problem.

Third: Prim pants legs for my jeans. Oy. It's taken long enough, eh? These are in the works and will be available with the new build. For those who already own my jeans and don't wish to re-buy... for a limited time (about a month or two) the prim legs will be available separately as well.

PS - much love to all those who are buying copies of my "Lupus Edition" outfits. At the end of the month, I'll be making my first donation to Lupus Canada. Wohoo! I've had a ton of IMs from people who suffer from Lupus and other "invisible illnesses"... I hope you all are feeling as good as possible. :) A lot of people have also asked how I've been feeling - for the most part I'm doing very well. So yea, thank you all for the IMs and support through purchase of Lupus Editions. It means a TON to me!


caLLie cLine said...

great to hear you are doing well!!! thanks for the update.

wishing you a great holiday.



Nyte said...

Thanks Callie :))

Nalin Nungesser said...

I'm assuming that big black wall I crashed into the other day probably has to do with the new build...

Great to hear you're all right. Happy holidays Nyte! :)