Friday, October 05, 2007


Hey Everyone :)

Just put some newness out at Nyte'N'Day! Come check it out! Two business-ish pant sets with sculptie pant legs. Woo! And 5 new skirts (one of which is special, more info below). These all come with 2 sizes and lengths of prim skirts and, of course, have the SensiDress script.

You may notice one of the dress posters are a bit different then the rest:

So here's some more info about that:

Basically - all profits from purple outfits created from now on will go to Lupus Canada. Why? Because I have Lupus. Because someone you know has Lupus. Not many people have heard of it. The treatments are outdated and in some cases side effects are almost as bad as the Lupus itself. In my case Lupus has effected my joints, my kidney's and my brain - and I'm pretty sure I have a mild version of Lupus.

For more information on Lupus: Lupus Canada, Lupus info @ Arthritis Canada, My Medical Woes (my personal site - pretty much only ever talks about my battle with Lupus).

Hope you all like!


Allagator! said...

Nyte hi!!! I don't know you but I want to give you my full sympathy because I was diagnosed with lupus as well in early 2003. It took a while to diagnose because the doctors had to first try out a bunch of arthritis medications which only made me feel worse lol. When finally diagnosed, I was put on prednisone and took it until 2005 when I slowly tapered off of it. I'm happy to say that I havent taken a single milligram of prednisone in 2 years! The reason I'm throwing you this whole shpiel is because I just want to assur you that there's hope. I know a lady who has had no flare ups for about 20 years now :)

Arianna Psaltery said...

Oh man! The two outfits on the left are mine!! I love the vest and bodice :D

Nyte said...

@ Allagator - Yay!! Its good to hear you've not been on prednisone for two years! It's kinda nasty eh? I hope you keep feeling good! :) It took a few months for me to be diagnosed, but I was in a full swing flare so thankfully they caught it pretty early. You should check out - the message boards there are really good for just hearing about others experiences. For example, until about 2 weeks ago, I had NO idea that Lupus affects the brain so much. I've been reading lots of stories of how forgetful all us Lupies are! I always just thought it was me. Anyway, point is - when you feel alone with the disease just reading other peoples stories helps. I hope your body keeps strong and the Lupus at bay!

@ Arianna - Yesss! I love those two, probably my fave things I've created in awhile. Thank you! :)

Julia Soothsayer said...

Nyte, I love what you are doing for Lupus. When I was 16, I was misdiagnosed with Lupus disease because of my symptoms and consistant production of ANA's. Luckily I went on to have four children and believe I do not have the disease. Before my car accident that ended my career as a registered nurse There was admitted to my floor frequently. She was exhausted and had multi system failure. This very sweet woman was under 30 years old and had I believe 2-3 children. It was heartbreaking to see her unable to be a mother to her children. I dont know if she is still living, but I will never forget her and how lupus impacted this woman and her children. Someday, I hope there will be a cure for this disease that plagues so many women and a smaller number of men. I hope you can stay as healthy as possible and Im so glad that your case of SLE is mild. You have brought a little known disease into the spotlight to a countless number of women. Secondlife is my sanctuary for my reasons and I love that through this 'game' we are able to do things that impact so many.

Nyte said...

Julia...thanks for taking the time to comment. I hope that woman is doing well, where-ever she may be. And I hope you are doing well too!!

Sometimes it bothers me, how little awareness there is on Lupus. As you know, it can be quite devastating. In about a month, I'll do the first donation. I'm looking forward to doing so. Every little bit helps!