Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Feeling a bit...

I'm feelin' a bit bla tonight. Few reasons.

Second Life's performance is worrying. *All* day I tried to pick up about 8 things... it was boxed clothing. Some things simply disappeared, other times the "take" option from the pie menu wasn't selectable, other times things wouldn't rez, I kept getting errors when trying to upload... (working on Skins!!) etc.

This is just one example of how SL *is* nowadays.

I wonder what this does to the mindset of a casual user. I mean they don't have to put up with it. None of us should have to. Casual/new users must just think "wow, this sucks. It doesn't even work!" and not login again. Doesn't LL (Linden Labs) read their blog? Their forums? People are really discontent.

I'm trying to keep this pretty objective because I realize what SL has given me. At the same time I pay for my premium account, I pay their fee's, I pay for my island, so is there not a certain amount of functionality warranted?

Anywho, just sayin'... it's worrying.

Second thing that contributes to the bla's. There was a small issue with a RFL purchase. The outfit is named Love and is NO TRANSFER. It says so on the poster. Dunno, the situation just left a bad taste in my mouth. Since all the proceeds from this outfit goes to the Relay For Life and it's only $125L (going for volume here to try to maximize $L for them)... I just figured no one would dispute that *even if a purchase error was made* because all the money does go to charity. It kinda makes me feel...well I just don't know how I feel about it.

So, my creativity has been a bit killed. Was hoping blogging would perk it back up! We'll see! :)

Also! Anyone who's had a conversation with me that goes something like this:

Me: blablab
You: blablabalbl balb
*five minute pause*
Me: sorry, missed what you said, my computer froze
You: copy/paste blablaba
Me: blablabla balblab albalbalba blalb

A solution is on the way! :)


Violet Mimistrobell said...

Hey Nyte,

Everyone gets a bit down & I'm sorry to hear you're not a happy bunny.
I think your stuff is awesome. I'm new to SL and I've made a point of regularly checking this site & I think you're inspirational. I hope you feel better soon as your fans (like me) need you!

Nalin Nungesser said...

SL's performance seems to be becoming the new normal, unfortunately. We all hope that the new viewer updates (as for 6 hours today) help us out, but I guess the grid is never really equipped to handle the influx of so many new people.

I guess we're all a little *bla* these days (esp. when i was hoping to access SL on a rainy day here), but we'll all be fine in the end. =)

Phoenix Chapman said...

SL's newest update ARGGGHHH!! They broke my keyboard controls, which is only the thing I use the bloody most!

So what happened with the Love outfit? Care to expand on the problem?