Friday, April 06, 2007

Curious and relay for life donation kiosk...

I just put out a Relay For Life donation box out (more info) at the front door of Nyte'N'Day. Please donate anything you can, even $1L's add up! Donations help fund research and programs for the American Cancer Society.

Any other designers/business owners read this?

Just curious... how many advertising/show/rental space/model applications/etc related things do you get dropped on you per day? Or on the flipside, how many are YOU dropping on people a day?

I get at LEAST 4-5 a day. I admit it, I just glance at them unless they specifically grab my attention. It's nicer when the people ask me if they can send something. It's a bit aggravating when your in appearance mode putting together an outfit and something is suddenly dropped on you. This is a new thing but it pops you out of appearance mode reverting your outfit to the default or whatever it was before.

Anyway! I commend these people for their efforts (but still get a tad bit irked when things are dropped on me). Because really... when you're starting a business that wont have a strong physical presence in world (build, traffic, etc) because of the nature of it how else do you really draw attention? Well you could network but how do you even get close to the people you're targeting? I don't know about other designers, because I really just sit in my studio or somewhere on my Island and design/answer IMs... that's basically 99% of my time online.

At the same time though it's annoying to be on the receiving end of all this. Notecards, textures, landmarks, all sorts of stuff is dropped on me all day.

So what's the solution? How do business' get their word out to their target market without disruption? But they key here is how do they get their word out to the market who is even receptive to it? Which leads to another question! How does the business even know who is receptive?

Figure that out and you'll make a whole lotta moola! haha! :) This could lead to an interesting discussion.

Enough blabbing! :)


Laydi Bailly said...

Yes i get alot of mall rental invites and such. I'll look at them. Then go and visit the site. If they seem to have good traffic and the build is tastefully done, i'll consider a trial time of 2-4 weeks. If that spot doesn't pan out to cover the rental cost at least i leave. It's funny though that even when you state on your profile that you're not looking for rental places in what seemed to be clear enough, you still get notecards dropped on you. LOL Oh well, they're just trying to do business too.

Kaiti Jensen said...

I get the notecards and IMs constantly, some I go look at and will rent if the traffic is high and I like the build, but if there are campers there to make the traffic high, I wont bother (I like to know that the traffic is high from people actually shopping, not because people are camping).

My only answer to the spam when you are working is to do your work on an alt, thats what I do.
My alt doesn't get out to meet people, she is there to work only, I upload textures on her then send the finished textures to Kaiti.