Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sexy class and matching shoes!

Here's the latest out at Nyte'N'Day (the outfit also comes in grey)! :) Super cute matching shoes also new at Couture Isle brought to you by El3gant Designs! And a bunch of single tops in various colors!


Natalia Sawley said...

Hello Nyte, Im from Brazil and Im new in Sl (I started in january), Im inlove with all about clothing and yours creations are the best I ever seen! You have a lot of creativity and I love to see the great details like shadows, buttons, textures. Im stating now to make my own clothes and you inspire me to do my best. Sorry my english but I had to sent to you a message. Thank you for all your creations!!! (Natalia Sawley)

Nyte said...

Aw :) Thank you Natalia! Good luck with your clothes!