Thursday, December 14, 2006

New stuff for both the ladies and men! WOOT!

In the past I've never really wanted to do mens stuff. No offence guys but in comparison to womens, mens clothes are pretty boring. But for whatever reason I felt like doing some mens too! Actually, the feeling is probably spurred on from the men I've seen TP in... I feel bad! I have masses of womens stuff and so new guy TP's to my store. He see's all the womens things and thinks "cool, there must be some pretty good guy stuff too". Upstairs he goes and see's a handful of outfits for men. So I figured you guys were due for some newness. All the mens stuff is upstairs, so when you don't find it on the new display look there. ;)

And... hoodies are hard. I feel for all the designers who have made one before. Or maybe I'm just prim challenged. Could be either. heh.

Enough blabbing. Here's the newness!

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