Thursday, October 26, 2006

New stuff!

So I made some semi-formal (well not even sure you can call em that) dresses. I think they are really pretty and I hope you guys do too. They are for sale alone or as a fatpack. But please keep in mind all fatpacks are no transfer.

Second I re-did my "basics" pack. It just something useful for when you need a plain tank, or shirt, on a specific layer. The packs are 20 pieces in total and come in black, white, or grey. Packs includes: tank, ribbed tank, wifebeater, ribbed wife beater, ribbed halter, bra, thong. All tops are on jacket, shirt, and underwear layer and the thong is on the pants layer and underwear. These packs are all mod/copy/no transfer.



Joannah Cramer said...

Heey hey Nyte.. just heads up, but it looks like the white lingerie set at least got really badly bitten by the latest bug with "save as" option LL introduced in the client :<

it has something to do with items reverting to their base settings for no apparent reason when saved... and this is how the pack got affected:

* (jacket layer) all items have the texture of the white wifebeater

* (undershirt layer) white bra, white halter, white tank regular and ribbed and white wifebeater ribbed are missing texture altogether

* white wifebeater ribbed (shirt) - no modify permissions, so can't tint it ^^;

sorry for the bad news :/ loved the original set and this one is great with the extra details and all, just wish LL got their act together and stopped messing thing up ^^;;

CronoCloud said...

I think the phrase you're looking for is "cocktail dresses". :-)

They are very pretty.

Nyte said...

Oy! I fixed the packs, for now... I hope the textures actually stay on this time! For now, anyone who bought a pack, look out for a new one!

And if anyone else's textures "fall off" their shirts... lol contact me here or in game (tho here is probably better, my IM's get capped alot).